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AI Professional Development

Providing practical and leading-edge training in Generative AI and tech. Tailored to meet the unique needs of your organization. Our sessions are packed with tips, tricks, and insights on:
How to choose the best tool for the job
How to craft effective prompts
How to apply Gen AI to meet your business needs



Introduction to AI
Applying AI to Website Design
Planning your first website
Creating your first website
How to do effective Search Engine Optimisation
Summer School: Applying AI to your passion project



Lisa loves a challenge and is adept at finding solutions that you may not have considered. Lisa brings a unique mix of skills from tech to business and entrepreneurship and training. Lisa has worked across the entire tech space and brings years of experience. You don’t need to hire separate people to manage different aspects of your tech, business and training.


Guest Speaking

Lisa has presented at a range of guest speaking opportunities
Rotary North Whanganui: What is AI
AFRA Food Rescue Conference: AI for Funding
Small Talks Whanganui
Marketing Hacks: SEO and AI (Thrive Whanganui)

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