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One-Hour Session

A focused, one-hour training session tailored to specific needs. Perfect for getting started or mastering a specific skill, this session provides personalized guidance and actionable insights to help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.


Full or Half-Day Session (Individual)

An in-depth training session tailored to meet your specific needs. This comprehensive session includes morning tea, a custom workbook, and personalized content to help you dive deep into your chosen topics and achieve your objectives effectively and efficiently.


Corporate Training (Up to 10 Attendees)

A comprehensive full or half-day session for corporate teams. Includes morning tea, a custom workbook, and tailored content to address your organization’s requirements.

Lisa’s Story

Discover the Vision Behind Lisa Lightband

Lisa Lightband has been delivering individual class and corporate training since 2000.

Lisa has a vision to enable AI and Tech Skills for everyone, sharing tips and tricks and making sure the amazing insights gained are not just in Lisa’s head. Sharing what I have learned and making a difference guides Lisa’s training.

Lisa believes in doing the hard yards so you don’t have to, leading by example, continually learning and delivering training that is inspirational, practical and useful.

Use the right tool for the job and the results speak for themselves.

Stay ahead of the AI Curve

Join us in the journey towards building future proof AI Skills.

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Why Lisa?

Our Unique Offerings

Innovative Solutions

The latest AI strategies tailored for your business’s success.

Expert Guidance

Hands-on involvement to navigate the AI landscape effectively.

Community Focus

Located at the heart of NZ in Whanganui, sharing the best and latest AI insights with individuals and local businesses.


Client Testimonials Showcase Lisa’s Impactful Work

Lisa’s AI solutions transformed our operations, boosting efficiency and profit margins significantly. Her expertise and dedication are unmatched.

Jack Davies

Working with Lisa was a game-changer for us. Her AI strategies revolutionized our approach, setting us on a path to success.

Mark Johnson

Lisa’s guidance empowered our team to embrace AI technologies seamlessly. Her insights are invaluable for any business seeking growth.

Sarah Lee

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